Elizabeth Mapstone


Dr Elizabeth Mapstone is a journalist, author, psychologist and all-round clever clogs, living in a beautiful and roomy house in the Hidden Valley of North Cornwall.

We both met while reading Experimental Psychology at Oxford in 1981-1984. Way back when still learning web sites, I built her a site which now looks very naive. The new one is a tad batter and displays a few examples of her many talents, which truly comprises the tip of the iceberg. Elizabeth is the author of "War of Words: Women and Men Arguing" and "Stop Dreaming, Start Living"


Dr Elizabeth Mapstone website

In the new design I wanted to apply a tabbed appearance (getting away from the old deprecated frame technology). In fact, there was so much material in some of the psychology pages that I needed to adopt a double-row of tabbed links.   

Now, Elizabeth is re-focussing on her fiction skills and using the web to publicise her writings.

HTML, CSS, Xara drawing package
Date: 1998

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