UK Nature Database


A client developed a website for a UK Nature Project. This is a huge undertaking to document all manner of information and a mix of legacy databases.

The front end is based on Joomla with PHP and MySQL as usual. Unusually, the backend database is an amalgam of MySQL and Oracle. In addition, the open source Symfony framework is used to keep everything coherent.

I had a subsidiary development role on two modules: I created a handful of customised modules for importing a variety of legacy information, from Access, Excel, Word and plain text; and also a series of procedures to export various views of the Oracle data in XML format. My colleague Richard developed a matching "consumer" module to absorb this XML data into the Joomla system - by this method we maintained a clear interface between the two worlds, and hence kept the way clear for other future outward-facing systems.

This was a project when I was working for altcom Ltd in the UK.

PHP, MySQL, Oracle, Symfony
Date: 2007

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