Wordpress site for Massage and Reflexology

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Wordpress site for Massage and Reflexology

My wife offers Holistic Health services: massage, reflexology, yoga, meditation, and we developed a Wordpress website, www.amandawilcox.co.nz. This showcases her approach, which is calm, healing and assured.

Apart from a few flying bug-fixes over the years, I had not dealt with Wordpress in any detail, and not set up a web-site from scratch. But it was a great platform to adopt for this purpose. It proved to be very adaptable, so it was easy to change our ideas as we evolved the site - we often changed menus and sub-menus, and re-organised pages. We made a lot of fine-tuning of individual page layouts, to get a very exact arrangement of text and images. As usual, this was a mix of CSS and inline style attributes where necessary.

Although WordPress grew its reputation as a blogger's site, a blog is not a necessary feature. We built all the required pages as "Pages", meaning that they have no time-related element. Whereas "Posts" are web-pages which you expect to appear in a timed sequence, adding to the latest ones, and the older ones gradually fade out of view, though of course available in archives. No-one wants to waste good text.  Having said that, now that all the basics are working well, Amanda will be accumulating blog posts on themes of healthy living, diet and exercise. 

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I was pleased to find how many reliable plugins are available, which is a benefit of adopting a vintage suite of software rather than one of many possible newcomers. We use plugins for Contact pages, Tags (so that they apply to Pages as well as the default Posts), and Sidebars. (Though sometimes, even now, I wonder if I've fully understood Wordpress sidebars).

Date: 2015

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