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GoogleMaps and Search for NZ Schools

GoogleMaps and Search for NZ Schools

As preparation for my family's intended emigration to New Zealand in 2008, I thought it would be helpful (and, yes, fun!) to create a map of NZ schools, with some…

Kenpo Karate NZ

Kenpo Karate NZ

This Karate Club website looked attractive but it was built entirely with Html and table-driven layouts. I adopted PHP, then made some SEO improvements, and additions such as photo galleries, Flash eye-candy, Google maps, and a Paypal shopping cart.
Silverstripe for Brian R Richards

Silverstripe for Brian R Richards

In 2011 I started a contract with the great team at Brian R Richards, a branding agency in Newmarket, Auckland. I had never used the Silverstripe PHP CMS when I started,…

About Me

I am Dave Wilcox, a website, PHP and database developer, and, admittedly, a bit of a geek. I'm currently concentrating on WordPress web sites, but have previously used a few…

Incentive Solutions PHP

Incentive Solutions, in Auckland NZ, specialises in loyalty programmes: typical arranged by companies for incentivisation of staff, but occasionally facing consumers as well.

SEO – Search Engine Optimisation

For bewildered site owners. Here is some modest information and advice about Search Engine Optimisation, which is fancy-talk for getting your site higher (more visible) in Google search results. Or trying to.

Dave’s IT CV

PHP Development, New Zealand After starting in an engineering background, I have moved on to developing websites, working with PHP, MySQL databases, CSS, HTML, Javascript and all the trappings which…

Owen Arts SEO

Artist and illustrator Owen Williams had an established site which looked great to you and me, but not to Google. What could I do to fix it?

Time For You Treatments

Susan Thompson is a practitioner in a range of alternative health treatments and "pampering", based in Devon. She wanted a website which illustrated her talents in a straight-forward and nurturing manner.
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