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OpenCart Upgrade – Cruising Electronics

Don White runs , which uses the great OpenCart e-commerce open-source package, selling accessories to boat owners. Items include clocks, barometers, first aid kits, bells and sundry others.

OpenCart Tax Zones

I needed to set up zones in OpenCart, grouping the countries for freight charges and taxes.
Medipharma E-Commerce Sites

Medipharma E-Commerce Sites

Medipharma sells natural health supplements and wanted a site to present baby oil and lotion, plus another to help dog mobility and general health. Initially I planned to write these…

Dave’s IT CV

PHP Development, New Zealand After starting in an engineering background, I have moved on to developing websites, working with PHP, MySQL databases, CSS, HTML, Javascript and all the trappings which…

About Me

I am Dave Wilcox, a website, PHP and database developer, and, admittedly, a bit of a geek. I'm currently concentrating on WordPress web sites, but have previously used a few…

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