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Free Telly Guide UK, PHP

Free Telly Guide UK, PHP

I had a great time with PHP and MySQL developing a page to display UK TV listings, which was at (no longer active). You can select which TV channels…

When PHP location redirect, doesn’t.

If your header location redirect isn't working, check your PHP filetype. Actually, many weird stubbornesses of PHP might be prompted by this gotcha. Are you having trouble with a PHP…

Using CURL and PHP

CURL is built-in to the usual up-to-date PHP distributions. (You may need to enable it in php.ini). CURL lets you programmatically transfer files using all the usual protocols, such as…

PHP Zend Certification

Generally in the software industry, experience speaks louder than letters after your name. (Cue howls of anguish from BCS members). My single software qualification is in PHP.

Dynamic Adventures PHP Calendar

Paul at wanted a web-enabled calendar so that his team could coordinate their events. I found the opensource WebCalendar from k5n, modified and installed it.

Incentive Solutions PHP

Incentive Solutions, in Auckland NZ, specialises in loyalty programmes: typical arranged by companies for incentivisation of staff, but occasionally facing consumers as well.
Finance Loan Calculator

Finance Loan Calculator

A loan calculator using JQuery and PHP. This lets people explore many combinations of amount, interest rate, loan type, duration and repayment frequency.
Catalytic Converter Collection

Catalytic Converter Collection

A WordPress plugin to collect details about catalytic converters and owners for recycling. (Well, not recycling the owners).
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