Decoding IP Addresses from Web Logs

When we were launching a new web site, we were intrigued to know who the first visitors would be. I wrote this little utility to analyse the Apache logs

OK I'll admit I was mostly drawn to this task for its geek-value. I was so pleased / surprised / intrigued to find that you could reach out so easily from an MS-Access app to get internet information. Even more intriguing to do so without umpteen layers of new software and add-ins.

A quick search on the Net will bag you some MS-Access code with "apiGetHostByAddr" in it.

After that it was a quick matter to knock up a form with input and output boxes, with code to loop through and call this shining new function. Then I get trusty UltraEdit text editor to edit the web server log file, using Column Mode to pick out the IP addresses in the front, clean up and sort with no duplicates. Then paste into my Access app.

Looking up a few IP Addresses

Date: 2007

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