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SEO – Search Engine Optimisation

For bewildered site owners. Here is some modest information and advice about Search Engine Optimisation, which is fancy-talk for getting your site higher (more visible) in Google search results. Or trying to.
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When PHP location redirect, doesn’t.

If your header location redirect isn't working, check your PHP filetype. Actually, many weird stubbornesses of PHP might be prompted by this gotcha. Are you having trouble with a PHP Header Location? Does your browser stubbornly say "Warning: Cannot modify header information - headers already sent by ...". If so, first ensure…

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SQL, update a column with values from another table

I'm always forgetting and re-learning this one. Why won't it stick? Now it's here as an aide-memoire. How to cross-update a field from values in another table. The scenario is: you have an empty column in one table which you want to update with related values in another table. How to choose…

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Using CURL and PHP

CURL is built-in to the usual up-to-date PHP distributions. (You may need to enable it in php.ini). CURL lets you programmatically transfer files using all the usual protocols, such as HTTP and FTP. Among other things, it lets you write PHP to simulate posting forms. In other words, it's useful for some…

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Netgear Modem Settings: Broadband Broken

We changed phone provider, the phone line was connected but no broadband. I spent the usual lifetime with tech support. They could see that my setup was using the correct username and password, and they claimed it was "connected". We had to try another modem (Netgear wireless) and also factory reset, no…

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SQL Union Queries

Here's a solution to a small but tricky requirement in MS Access "I want to find everyone who owns product XYZ but not ABC -- but if they don't fall into that category then those with PROD1 and/or PROD2 and/or PROD3." I resisted the urge to write this logic with Basic code.…

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