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PHP Development, New Zealand

After starting in an engineering background, I have moved on to developing websites, working with PHP, MySQL databases, CSS, HTML, Javascript and all the trappings which follow on from that. I have worked with the Silverstripe, WordPress, Drupal and Joomla CMSes, and Zend Framework. I have also used Microsoft Access and Delphi but now it is way too unfashionable to admit it. In the last few years I have freelanced for several companies in Auckland; and previously I worked for Incentive Solutions in Auckland, on some heavy-duty PHP and PostgreSQL, with graphs, GoogleMaps, SEO, LINZ API, Excel integration and so on.

In the old days, I used to put my hand to FORTRAN, VMS, Pascal, VB, VBA, C, Postscript: All deeply unfashionable now.

Currently, I work for three organisations:

  1. GraphicDetail, who are a web, media and design agency in Auckland. I’ve helped them on a few WordPress sites here, here, here and here.
  2. ISpyHorses, who had developed an excellent trading platform for people interested in horses, ponies and all matters equestrian. This required the addition of credit-card payment modules plus handfuls of other new features and amendments to help efficient management of the site functions.
  3. QVisual on MimoCare PHP software to help elderly people live comfortably at home. Also, I have made e-commerce modules for a gym, allowing customers to select their courses and pay by credit-card. And a JQuery Calendar for a similar gym, letting people book sessions on courts. As a spin-off, we created Wayward Monitoring, a system for remotely monitoring fridge temperatures, in cases where medical supplies might be inadvertently spoiled by device failure or neglect.

I do a little work for UrbanBlinds. Some very smart people in Auckland (hi, Little Giant), developed a site based on Silverstripe 3, highly customised and including heavy use of JQuery. I took over for maintenance and enhancements, such as the addition of new blind types, Google tracking and extra pages to explain the services offered to customers.

Time-travelling backwards: In 2011, I was getting to know the excellent Silverstripe PHP CMS while working with the smart branding team at Brian R Richards. I was impressed by the ease of templating in Silverstripe, combined with bespoke database development, without being forbiddingly complicated, though I’m not sure that’s still true. Earlier,  I was using PHP Zend Framework (ZF) for Colenso and a NZ bank. Many years ago, I installed OpenCart ecommerce projects and implemented Paypal to manage online purchases for an educational software company.

Prior to that, I was involved in two other dollops of Paypal integration: for PharmaHealth I have created a Shopping Cart for online sales; and for Kenpo Karate I prepared the entry form for their 2010 Tournament at Eden Park Auckland, including Paypal payments for fees and extras. I find that Paypal is a bit of a challenge as there are huge numbers of options, and a deluge of documentation. However, it’s the standard and familiar to customers around the world, which makes it commendable.

If you have a need for a website where you can update the content, and you don’t like talking to the pin-stripe suits, please let me know.

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