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Draintech clears blocked drains in and around Auckland. I was asked to improve Google ranking where possible.

Draintech The Draintech website is a small HTML site promoting a drain and pipe repair business in Auckland. It was doing fairly well on Google ranking, including number 1 for some suitable phrases which might be used by potential customers. (You can usually cherry-pick a phrase or two where your site will be number 1 - but you may be deluding yourself. You have to ask yourself, "is it a phrase that the punters would use?").

The owner realised that improvements could still be made. I addressed the usual features that sites often neglect: there were no H1 and H2 titles, the page TITLE tags were all the same and just gave the company name, the META descriptions were missing or too short. I gave some images an ALT tag containing our target phrases. There was a main image on a footer which had just a simple graphic plus a perfect phrase as a graphic - a huge wasted opportunity for SEO (SEO - Search Engine Optimisation). I replaced that using the outline graphic and an H1 for the main phrase. I also fixed some basic HTML mistakes to improve W3C HTML compliance, and hence improve the chances of consistent display across browsers.

This graph shows the ranking improvements, which were visible within about four days of publication. The phrase "root infiltration" showed no improvement and it was one which never occurred in the text. No-one had noticed until I made the analysis. People seem to think that Google can do miracles with synonyms - but apart from plurals, stems, and some abbreviations, if the words aren't exactly in your web text somewhere, then they won't be indexed by Google.

Google improvements for Draintech
Date: 2010

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