Markland Clinic

Markland Clinic

I had re-created this web-site in 2007. Things had flourished enough by 2008 for the client to commission a re-branding and a new sister site, focussing on Sports injuries. And again in 2010.

Markland Clinic

For the latest incarnation of this UK Physiotherapy site in 2010, I created a smooth-scrolling Flash animation for a band of pictures along the top.

Markland Clinic

In 2008, a new branding had been created by designer Ray Lipscombe, so I had a straightforward time implementing it.

Ray's design for the sister site, Sports Perform, provided me my first opportunity to create a Flash presentation. It was as simple as they come, a sequence of photos of athletes fading into each other. I used the excellent and ever-reliable Xara graphics package.

A second Flash presentation was slightly more unusual, a "Bodymap". Map of human body, joints and muscles labelled A diagram of the human body was overlaid with labels for joints and muscles. As you click on a label, explanatory text is revealed. Again I used Xara and found it excellently suited to the task. I was also pleased to be a party to the sensible use of Flash. Normally it is just distracting bells-and-whistles.

Disclaimer: I cannot claim credit for the current site, which is now excellently maintained by someone in the UK

HTML, CSS, SEO, Google maps, Flash
Date: 2007-2010

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