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Free Telly Guide UK, PHP

I had a great time with PHP and MySQL developing a page to display UK TV listings, which was at (no longer active). You can select which TV channels to display, you can use free-text search, and look ahead day-by-day for the next week. Most programmes have associated summaries which we…

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Drupal Website: Everybody’s Acupuncture

Using Drupal, I implemented a brand-new website "Everybodys Acupuncture", for Heather Rabone in Devon. (site is no longer active). Heather had been working in acupuncture, massage and other natural health solutions for some years. She decided the time had come to promote herself more widely, but also wanted a website which she…

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Markland Clinic

I had re-created this web-site in 2007. Things had flourished enough by 2008 for the client to commission a re-branding and a new sister site, focussing on Sports injuries. And again in 2010. For the latest incarnation of this UK Physiotherapy site in 2010, I created a smooth-scrolling Flash animation for a…

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Paid For Digital Download, Lets Talk

Kerry Francis offers child counselling services viaĐ’ She asked me about providing a zip file download for sale via Paypal. The zip file contains PDF activity files and audio files, though for our download purposes all zip files are the same. The site already used a Paypal basket for off-line sales, so…

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OpenCart Upgrade – Cruising Electronics

Don White runs , which uses the great OpenCart e-commerce open-source package, selling accessories to boat owners. Items include clocks, barometers, first aid kits, bells and sundry others.
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Draintech SEO

Draintech clears blocked drains in and around Auckland. I was asked to improve Google ranking where possible.
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Ben Dyer at Semore Seismics was understandably bothered that his site was invisible on Google for a handful of key phrases. It was a good site, technically "correct" (ie it had nearly perfect HTML validation ie W3C compliant) neatly implemented by Brandlab in PHP, a few months earlier. It also had been…

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IPSV Module for Joomla

On behalf of altcom in the UK, I implemented a module in a Joomla website for coding content according to the IPSV standard - a standardised keyword hierarchy.
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Owen Arts SEO

Artist and illustrator Owen Williams had an established site which looked great to you and me, but not to Google. What could I do to fix it?
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