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Dave Wilcox – yes, this site

Over the years, my web site has had a few incarnations. Waayyy back, it was simply hand coded PHP and HTML – by which I mean, no kit or framework was involved. (Old school, but that’s how it was in the Stone Age).

In 2011, I had gained some experience with Silverstripe during my pleasant and productive sojourn at BRR Richards, so I made that the basis of the next incarnation. It worked fine, allowed easy addition of new content, and customisable pages – so long as you kept a good PHP head on your shoulders. Not an environment for dabbling.

But after some years, browser and software restrictions had caused difficulties in uploading content. (Silverstripe version 2 depended on the Flash uploader at that time, which was earning a unasked reputation for security loopholes).

For a while, I did what any intelligent person does in that scenario – I ignored the whole problem and hoped it would go away. No such luck.

The same predicament faced my friends Ellis and Paul at Cat Hotel Stoney Creek, which encouraged me to make extra effort. I could have upgraded to Silverstripe version 4, but by that time, I had grown some respect for WordPress as a very capable and general purpose web site creator. So I was happy to embark on the latest version of this site, using WordPress plus the Total theme. It has been a great learning experience, even though my present site requirements do not stretch WordPress technology very far. I even hatched a WordPress plugin, to hold the functionality of my NZ Schools database.

I realise that I’ve only scratched the surface of what WordPress can offer. I look forward to making more WordPress sites in future.

Tech used in this project:
MySQL, PHP , WordPress
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