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Time For You Treatments

Starting from scratch, the structure of the site fell together very naturally: a home page, contacts page, then one page each devoted to the services Susan offers. We chose pinks, browns and pastel yellows, with some low-contrast marble and towelling textures as a backdrop to menu, footer and page surrounds, to give connotations of spas and saunas.

We had several suitable images for the front page and could not choose which one to use. So a very small bit of Javascript refreshes the image on the front page every 30 seconds, working at random through a pool in a folder.

A key point of Susan’s marketing is the emphasis on “Time”. She had a nice clock-based logo which we re-created in the trusty Xara drawing package, to improve definition, then popped it prominently on the top-left of the banner. We also added a simple GoogleMap to locate the hall in Devon for her weekly sessions.

Tech used in this project:
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